Krista's Platform

A city that cares looks after the basics and then collaborates with residents, community groups, and local businesses to create healthy vibrant neighbourhoods for all.

A City of Communities

The heart of my campaign is community. I want to see more connections between people and opportunities to get to know our neighbours. Resilience is rooted in place. I will support urban planning that fosters social and economic relationships in walkable, safe, vibrant and connected urban villages, following the concept of a 15-minute city. 15-minute cities are sustainable, accessible, and people focused with planned access to grocery stores, health care, employment, parks, and schools.

  • Continue to develop urban villages in every neighbourhood 
  • Maintain a thriving local economy with policies co-created with the small business community 
  • More community led place making projects to build connections 
  • Support intergenerational events and activities    
  • Invest in welcoming public spaces
  • Expand access to community gardens
  • Encourage boulevard growing by promoting the boulevard tax break
  • More neighbourhood markets including a weekly farmer’s market from May – September in Fernwood Square
  • Plan development and activities to ensure a 15-minute walk from fresh local produce 
  • Keep our streets, sidewalks, and green spaces safe and clean
  • Support the creation of the Woonerf open street model as seen at Kings and Cedar Hill Rd 
  • Increase traffic calming on residential streets 
  • Support for seniors in every neighbourhood
  • Continue the build back Victoria patio program

Housing & Affordability

We need to keep young families and working class people in Victoria. When the youth leave, the community suffers. Without workers our businesses and economy suffers. The seniors population in Victoria is set to double in twenty years. We need to prepare for elders to age in place. Intergenerational families need to stay close geographically to support each other. At a time when the cost of living is growing we need to set up provisions to ensure people don’t fall into homelessness. That is why housing is the number one issue the new council will face. 

  • Plan for Victoria’s past, present, and future
  • Use the City’s tools and provincial and federal partnerships to increase affordable, co-op, and rental housing
  • Amend bylaws to reduce negative impact of Short Term Vacation Rentals
  • Get more benefits for community from market developments
  • Create more units though gentle density by allowing  house conversions in all single family homes
  • Prioritize affordable housing developments 
  • Advocate for affordable student housing
  • Advocate for safe emergency shelters and temporary housing 
  • Incorporate resident feedback into the missing middle strategy
  • Support community rent banks to prevent evictions into homelessness
  • Support food banks and food security programs 

Mental Health, Addiction, and Homelessness

We need to make changes to how the issues of mental health, addiction, and homelessness are managed in Victoria. As a councillor, I will convene the right federal, provincial and community partners to take action. 

  • Ease pressures on health and police services with civilian lead emergency mental health teams like PACT (Peer Assisted Care Teams)
  • Advocate to the province for increased health and mental services like dedicated mental health stabilization centres
  • Work with the province to increase access to addiction treatment including on-demand treatment and trauma therapy 
  • Advocate for complex care for people experiencing complicated mental heath and substance use challenges 
  • Promote a regional approach to homelessness that includes small interim shelter solutions in sanctioned spaces with supports and community input
  • Re-create models that are working in Victoria throughout the region (e.g., Anawim House, Spaken House, Culturally Supported House, and Tiny Town)
  • Advocate to the province for more supports in temporary and supportive housing and for opportunities for people to keep their housing like restorative justice
  • Work with the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness to support business in regards to sheltering downtown 
  • Expand downtown clean teams 
  • Develop an action plan for Pandora 

Truth and Reconciliation

Creating understanding and friendship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples is crucial for a healthy community. But this starts with Truth. For reconciliation to be real, non-Indigenous people need to understand the systems of oppression that were legislated over Indigenous people throughout Canada’s history. I am committed to learning about the history of the lək̓ʷəŋən speaking people and creating real relationships so we can move forward together in a good way.

  • Engage in opportunities to increase understandings of colonization and reconciliation 
  • Support opportunities for meaningful connection between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people like the City Reconciliation Dialogues
  • Advocate for support for urban Residential School Survivors and their families 
  • Continue the work of the City Family
  • Support opportunities for nations economic development
  • Continue to work with Songhess and Esquimalt Nations on the public parks and spaces development
  • Work with nations to create public art installations that tell stories about the history of the land 
  • Support for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day recognition, events, and activities 
  • Incorporate Lekwungen language where appropriate with Songhees and Esquimalt nations guidance

Climate Action

Our community is in a climate emergency as is the planet. Victoria’s plan is to reach an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. These are things we can do to ensure we hit this target. 

  • Work with upper levels of government to provide grants to retrofit home heating, cooling, and energy systems
  • Continue the work of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority for clean electric shore power for cruise ships at Ogden Point
  • Find partnerships to enable more affordable car share options
  • Improve public transit
  • Infrastructure upgrades to support active transportation  
  • Encourage new developments to include green infrastructure like green roofs and walls
  • Map opportunities to expand community garden and growing space
  • Plant more trees on municipal land 
  • Advocate for changes to building code to ensure buildings will support residents in our changing climate
  • Ensure access to emergency heat and cold weather shelters and relief services

Parks, Recreation, and Accessibility

A happy community is an active community. All residents need to be able to access facilities and parks to stay healthy and recreate. 

  • Increase accessible beach access
  • Ensure each neighborhood has access to green space 
  • Build the new Crystal Pool  
  • Build a park for downtown residents 
  • Build a dog park for the city core
  • Source creative opportunities for growing spaces in all neighbourhoods
  • More free, or low cost, accessible activities and events at city owned facilities like Royal Athletic Park 
  • Work with community to address accessibility barriers and complete all actions in the accessibility framework

Good Governance

I will prioritize listening, transparency, and accountability. 

  • Regular open office hours to hear residents concerns
  • Build meaningful engagement opportunities requirements into all projects
  • Set a code of conduct for council
  • Advocate that the CRD establish an integrity officer for the region to investigate any breaches of the provincially mandated council code of conduct
  • End council meetings at 11pm to ensure robust public participation 

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Will you help Krista win her election?

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We respectfully acknowledge that we live and work on the homelands of the lək̓ʷəŋən peoples, known today as Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.

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